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So many women are living their lives in overwhelm and putting every one and every thing else first.


The doing, the achieving and trying to control everything around you.

The exhaustion, the chaos and the deep unfulfillment.

This way of living is not working because our TruSelf, our divine feminine frequency starts with r-e-c-e-i-v-i-n-g.

How alive is your feminine frequency? Do you listen to your intuition? Do you trust it? How do you go with receiving?

As women our super powers lie in our divine feminine frequency: receiving our intuition, creating our life (rather than existing) and living from a place of pleasure, beauty & sensuality.

this 6 week journey will bring you into the calmness within, the clarity in every moment and bring all of your energy back. 

welcome to Activate your Magic within...where we work in the Quantum field and with your unconscious mind to create real change from the inside out...

Imagine if you could…



Open your channel & connect to your wisdom

Learn to trust yourself

Live a life aligned with your soul

Step into your power

Lead with clarity and confidence


Deeper connections with your

loved ones

More present & enjoy the Now

Improved behaviour of your kids

(yes this can happen!)

Lead with love, acceptance & compassion 



Wake up energised!

Feel motivated and excited

about life

Remember how to have

fun and play

Tap into your feminine frequency - think pleasure, beauty, sensuality

are you ready?

Your 6 week journey


We set the foundations and learn to calm your mind and connect with your divine feminine. Dial up your self awareness and have your sacred journal ready to begin this journey of transformation.



You will learn how your dominant vibration runs your life and how to influence it. Identify and create your boundaries, clear and seal your energetic field, cut energetic ties, raise your vibration and bring in your future self frequency.



What is not serving you? Shine the light on your unconscious patterns & self-sabotage. Learn about the power of your thoughts & spoken word. Create space to feel and how to use this powerful life force energy to FUEL you not drain you!



Fill your being with the pure divine healing energy of love, compassion & forgiveness. You are getting very familiar with receiving by now! Tap into the frequency of pleasure, beauty and sacred self care.



Your divine guidance is getting clearer now and you are learning to trust it. Surrender and follow her wisdom and witness the synchronicities and miracles around you.



A session to gently guide you back into your life and the restructuring of your outer reality to match your renewed inner reality.

You receive

  • 6 week group coaching program

  • 5 live classes (including recordings)

  • 1 Private Transformation Session (90 mins)

  • Meditations (downloadable)

  • Self guided modules

  • Sisterhood

  • Lifetime access to your membership portal

  • Support group chat

Why I created Activate your Magic within... 

I used to work a normal job in an office. I had a small child and a mediocre relationship. Life was okay.


I was stuck in my thoughts most of the time.


I looked after every one else - over-giving, over-functioning, disconnected from myself and not surprisingly (although I didn't understand it at the time) I ended up with adrenal fatigue. 

I knew I had an intuition however it was really just a whisper. I rarely gave it space to speak to me and I had no idea of what was truly possible for me.

Once I started to tune into my own inner wisdom my entire life transformed inside and out and I'm now super passionate about teaching women what I have learned and how to do the same.

Activate your Magic Within is the culmination of my learnings and the foundation for my own transformation and for my VIP clients.

They say it takes up to 4 weeks to build new habits which is why this program is intentionally 6 weeks.  You are held in a sacred container for your own individual inner journey as well as the collective sisterhood.

I guarantee if you go all in you will leave this sacred container seeing and living your life very differently.

Remember you have everything you need within you and so much is possible for you,


What others say...

“After 10+ years of dealing with this - the fight or flight feeling has has now gone!”, Kathryn

“Manda is a very intuitive coach and guides you with her heart and soul. If you want to get out of your head and learn tools to help connect you with your intuition, Manda can show you the way”, Diane


Thank you Manda for teaching me the greatest gift of my life”, Elitha


“One of the big realisations has been it doesn't take a long time to make an energy shift and doing this type of work doesn't have to feel hard. I absolutely loved this program” ,Taryn


“I just want you to know how much of a difference you have made to my life. I have had one session with you and my god the transformation is phenomenal.  I keep expecting to have a negative or anxious feeling in certain situations and they are just not there. It is like you have unwired 40 years of something that was not serving me. I am forever grateful for you”, Sheree


“I started my spiritual journey 3 years ago after a profound experience. I spent thousands of dollars looking for answers and ended up separated, depressed, and low. The tools I learned in this program have miraculously turned things around. I have so much love and gratitude for this beautiful soul”, Jan


“From the very first interaction with Manda, I felt connected. Doing this course has changed my life. Manda has taught me so many tools to integrate my deep knowing into my everyday life. I highly recommend Manda if you want to find the amazing you know is within you. So much gratitude for this woman”, Trudy


“One of my biggest breakthroughs from this program is that I now trust myself. I used to be stuck in my head and too scared to make a decision which meant I basically didn’t move anywhere for fear of making the wrong choice. Now I know how to listen to and honour my soul. I don’t care about what others think about my choices because I know they are right for me and that feels soooo empowering!”, Andrea

“I learnt so much about myself over the 6 weeks and the shifts I’ve had in my life are profound! I would definitely recommend it! Manda is truly an inspiration and a wonderful teacher”, Donna

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Meet Your Guide

​Manda is a Spiritual Transformation Guide who believes you have everything you need within you and anything is possible.


Working with your unconscious mind, emotions and divine source energy Manda guides you to learn the lessons from your past and break the patterns and self sabotage so you can come home to your TruSelf - the essence of who you truly are and who you are here to Be.

One of Manda's super powers is time travel back into past lives and family lineage.

A result of this work is you become more connected to your TruSelf and your innate wisdom - beginning to lead your life from your divine feminine frequency - intuition, flow, and beauty. 


You are not your thoughts

You are not your emotions

You are enough

You are worthy

You are whole

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment?

There are two options available with various price points. Payment plans are available starting at $100 per week. I ask you to book a call because this program is by application only and we need to ensure it is aligned for you right now.


When do we start?

Pre-work will commence as soon as you join and the first live class is mid November. The live classes are held on Zoom and run for about 90 minutes on a Wednesday or Thursday evening (2 options).  If you cannot make a live class the replay will be available for you in the membership portal to watch at a time that suits you.


What is the time commitment?

The weekly classes are around 90 minutes and then it’s up to you how much time you want to invest in practicing the tools, listening to meditations and exploring yourself in the self guided modules.  How much do you want to transform your life? You are in the driving seat!


What happens next?

Firstly we have a call to ensure we are the right fit and this program is aligned with your highest. Once this is confirmed, you then set your intentions, commence your inner exploration and I welcome you to our community!

I know how scary investment in your soul evolution can be and I am SO confident that if you attend all the classes (or replays), implement everything and commit to the program your magic within will be activated…


If you don’t feel the same way at the end of your journey we will refund you. Book a call to receive the terms and conditions on this guarantee.

Are you ready?

To listen 

To honour your soul

To take full responsibility for your life 

To awaken your TruSelf

And ACTIVATE your MAGIC within...


✓ Access to group coaching program

✓ 1 x Private Tranformation Session

✓ Meditations (downloadable)

✓ Self-guided modules

✓ Lifetime access to your membership portal


✓ Access to group coaching program

✓ 3 x Private Transformation Sessions

✓ 3 x Breakthrough Calls

✓ Meditations (downloadable)

✓ Self-guided modules

✓ Lifetime access to your membership portal

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