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Welcome to The Shift - to reconnect with your TruSelf.


You are so used to putting every one and every thing else first and you are exhausted.


Juggling all of the things and holding it all together (just).


Not creating time for you.

And you frequently delay Making the Shift and place yourself on hold.  "when the kids start school"; "when we've finished the renovation"; "after Christmas"; "when the kids finish school".


All of this is taking its toll - on your happiness and wellbeing and it also affects those you care for most and you know this.


It is no coincidence your soul has called you here to read about Making the Shift to connect with your TruSelf.


Remember that young woman inside of you with all of her hopes and dreams for her life? You don’t have to wait to be the woman you longed to be.

Imagine you were no longer trapped by responsibilities and lists and knew how to calm your mind and drop the resentment for the ones you love the most so you can enjoy your life.

Imagine being able to listen to your higher guidance to find the clarity you need so that you leave behind groundhog day and wake up energised and excited about the day ahead.

All of this is possible for you when you decide to Make the Shift.

this is for you if:

  • you are ready to prioritise you

  • you want to let go of the mothers guilt and actually enJoy "you time"

  • you are ready to reinvent yourself from the inside out - connecting with that young woman inside with all her hopes and dreams

  • you want to wake up excited and energised about life again!

this is not for you if:

  • you want a quick temporary feel good fix - this is a program where you go all in for permanent results

  • You aren't into woo woo (we will work with divine source energy and your unconscious mind)

  • you are going to continue with the excuses and place yourself on hold

The 4 Pillars of the SHIFT 


Calm your mind

Let go of the Fear

Ground into Mother Earth

Find your flow

Release the "mothers guilt"


Lose the resentments

Set healthy boundaries


Express yourself


Lead with love, acceptance & compassion 


Open your channel & connect to your wisdom

Lead with clarity & confidence

Learn to trust yourself

Step into your power


Wake up energised!

Feel motivated and excited about life

Know who you are

Ignite your feminine frequency 

Are you ready to Make the Shift?

You will learn

  • how to be supportive and empathic without taking it on

  • how to create time for you without guilt and actually enjoy it

  • how to turn negative thoughts into empowering ones

  • how to stop pushing, struggling and doing and get into flow state

  • how to create space to feel and use e-motion to fuel you, rather than deplete you

  • we will shine the light on your unconscious patterns of self sabotage so you can move into the life you want

  • you will re-connect with the young woman inside who has all the dreams and desires

  • you will ignite your divine feminine frequency and bring in more beauty, pleasure and fun

  • tune into your wisdom and learn to trust yourself

Your Shift includes

6 week group coaching program

5 live support sessions

(including recordings)

1 x Private transformation session 

Meditations (downloadable)

Self guided modules


Support group chat

LIFETIME access to your

membership portal & community

It takes 30 days to create new habits which is why we journey for 6 weeks so you can put your learnings into practice in your life and create new habits

The power and magic when women journey together means you never feel alone and you always feel supported

Are you ready to Make the Shift?

What Clients Say

“After 10+ years of dealing with this - the fight or flight feeling has has now gone!”

Meet your Guide
Manda G Jennings

IMG_6340 3.JPG
TruSelf Coaching Logo (PNG Transparent Background).png

Manda is a Spiritual Transformation Guide who believes you have everything you need within you and anything is possible for you.

She used to be a perfectionist and a people pleaser - putting everything and everyone else first. Leading her life from her busy head - over thinking and over doing, trying to control and do it all. She had no idea how to receive help, she thought she was fine.

When life took a major turn and she separated from her partner she ended up with adrenal fatigue and realised how incredibly disconnected she was from herself. She embarked on her own deep transformational journey and now helps others who were just like her.

Working with your unconscious mind and divine source energy (certified Quantum Healer, hypnotherapist, time line therapy practitioner, NLP coach) Manda helps you learn the lessons from your past and break the patterns of self sabotage so you can move forward.

One of Manda's super powers is time travel into past lives and family generations.

The Shift - to reconnect with your TruSelf is her foundational program helping women come home to their TruSelf - the essence of who you truly are and who you came here to Be.

Frequently asked questions

When do we start?

Your self discovery will commence as soon as you join with some pre-work. The first live support session is late November and will run for about 90 minutes. If you cannot make a live session the replay will be available for you in the membership portal to watch at a time that suits you.

What is the time commitment?

The weekly sessions are under 2 hours and then it is up to you how much time you want to invest in practicing the tools and listening to the meditations. This program is designed to integrate easily into your busy life however you will need to create the space for yourself - I will guide you how to best do this.

What happens next?

Once you have secured your place I will be in touch to welcome you to the community and guide you to set your intentions and commence your inner exploration.

It is time to connect with the young woman inside of you with all of her hopes and dreams. No more waiting or putting off becoming the woman you long to be.

Your divine TruSelf DESERVES to

 have fun again​

feel sexy

feel alive

be excited about life

Are you ready to Make the Shift?

Manda G Jennings, TruSelf Coaching

Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line TherapyTM | Certified Master Hypnotherapist | Quantum Healing Practitioner

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