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The Wild Woman is the Creatress who bravely

follows her heart & soul to create the life she was born for.

This 12 week journey will guide you inwards to find the Clarity, Confidence and Courage

to re-claim who you truly are and why you are here.

Your divine feminine heart will expand as you get clear on your true desires, your Vision

Your Wild Woman will rise to move you beyond the good girl programming and wounds.


Your Self Sabotage, your Fear, your Excuses and Limiting Stories and beliefs.

To create a life you have never had you need to Become someone you have never been.


You will transform into a higher version of self.  More of who you truly are.

Your true potential. Feminine wholeness.

And now we CLAIM IT ALL.

There is no more time to play small, to live your life for everyone else


To leave your dreams and desires floating around in your head

To be "too busy" or "guilty" to create time, energy & space for you


You are here to live the fullness of life - to become the woman you were born to Be - to claim it all


What is truly stopping you?


It is always YOU stopping YOU


And now it is time to step lean choose Faith over Fear


And lead yourself to CREATE the life you were born for - a life you truly love

The Wild Woman boldly claims her DESIRES and RISES.


She is called into her FULLEST EXPRESSION, her WHOLENESS


to consciously CREATE the LIFE she truly LOVES.


Learn to listen to your FEMININE WISDOM & tune into your true DESIRES.


Take radical SELF RESPONSIBILITY, step into SELF LEADERSHIP and RE-CLAIM it all. 

Build CONFIDENCE & COURAGE to trust yourself & life so you can choose FAITH over FEAR.


Your WILD WOMAN will help dismantle the programming & BREATHE LIFE into your desires.

Shine the LIGHT on your SHADOWS, shed identities and REBIRTH a higher Version of self.

Learn how to HOLD your Vision & EMBODY your TRANSFORMATION

There is so much MAGIC when women come together.




as you share this journey with other SISTERS just like you.

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12 Week Group Program

3 Private one-one-one sessions (60 mins)

12 Live calls (including recordings)

Sacred Sister Circle


FB Support & Celebration group

Messenger support group

LIFETIME access to  your membership portal & community

Elitha Bouwer

Manda is an incredible healer and guide.  She is a Coach who embodies her own work and deeply knows what it takes to live a life aligned with your soul.


She has helped me dive deep into myself. To discover more of who I truly am and what my deepest hearts desires are. I have shed deep layers of trauma, guilt, shame and limited thinking and now listen to my heart and soul and lead my life from that space.


Manda has reflected back to me the light and infinite potential that is within me.I no longer hustle and grind, trying to be perfect and control it all. 

I am successfully building my own business which feels completely aligned for me and manifesting the life partner of my heart’s desires. Life is so different.


Manda is the coach my soul had been waiting on, and I can't wait to see where our work together takes me!


Your Guide ~ Manda G Jennings

Manda is a Creation Coach who believes we are all here to live THE most incredible life.

A past perfectionist and people pleaser, Manda teaches from her own soul evolution. The journey to unravel from all that you are not to come home to our true self - the wholeness of which you are.


Working with your unconscious mind and your divine feminine wisdom Manda will call your Wild Woman forward  to lead you to create the life you truly desire.

And so it is.

Heading 1

what clients say

“After 10+ years of dealing with this - the fight or flight feeling has has now gone!”


Manda G Jennings, TruSelf Coaching

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